Why learn to dance?

Learning to dance boosts memory, improves self-confidence, develops coordination, reduces stress, and allows multiple possibilities for self-expression. With our group and with the wider dance community, you will make new friends!

Why learn to dance salsa and other Cuban dances?

While not necessarily strenuous, the Cuban dances we teach require moving the whole body and involve a high level of musicality, which is an enjoyable experience for many.

Learning Cuban dance, you’ll discover new music you didn’t know you enjoyed and learn about Cuban history and culture. As a bonus, you will also learn some Spanish!

No matter where you travel to in the world, you are bound to find a salsa and Cuban dance scene where you can practice your skills. You will become part of the vibrant Cuban dance and salsa communities globally.

Salsa and many other Cuban dances are partnered social dances which allow for meeting and interacting with many new people in a fun and easy-going way. These dances are great for introverts looking to expand their horizons as well as for social butterflies.

Why learn with Anaya Latin Dance?

We are qualified. One half of this partnership is a professional dancer from Cuba and the other is an experienced dancer and scholar of Cuban dance. Both are teachers and artists.

We are authentic. For us, dance is a party and so much more. It’s also about deep cultural knowledge which we understand and can transmit to you!

We are bilingual. We understand our material and our music and we can follow the discourse of the worldwide Latin dance community. We can also give classes in Spanish.

We are community-minded. Our past involvements reflect our community
spirit supporting unity, diversity, and inclusion.

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What do our students say?

“We took beginners salsa class, had a BLAST!! Who knew learning could be so fun!! Their energy is contagious, and we met a lot of nice folks!! Highly recommended!!!!”
– Krist de la Cruz

“I started dancing with these guys last summer! They have taught me so much and I will be forever grateful! They both share their passion for dancing and have rekindled my love for dancing. I am a committed student and will continue to be! Come check Anaya Latin Dance out! We will have a great experience.”
– Adriana Cristina

“I’m as left footed white guy on the dance floor as you can get and they broke it down to a level I feel good about my progress from a true beginner level. I’ll be coming back for sure.”
– Todd Phillips

“Having such a great time learning Salsa! Great instructors, fun music and they travel to the Valley every other Sunday to teach. My husband has never taken social dance and he is picking up the moves pretty well, which is a testament to our awesome teachers!”
– Layla Raquel Leslie-Phillips

“Six of us attended the beginner class and it was AWESOME! We loved it and can’t wait to take more lessons.”
– Melissa Sturgis

“They are amazing instructors! Best place to learn salsa in Alaska for sure.”
– Alex Martin

“These guys are fantastic! I feel like I am finally learning to follow a lead when dancing! I plan to attend as many of these events as possible!
– Sonya Maria Funaro-Soto

“Liz and Ciro are both professional, positive, and encouraging teachers — plus they throw a great party! Thank you both for sharing authentic Cuban dances (including salsa and beyond!) and your positive energy.”
– Lisa Maloney

“Liz and Ciro are great enthusiastic dancers and instructors. You will have fun while learning to dance. They both have great positive energy.”
– Shannon Deike

“Great, real Cuban here!!”
– Scott Vigil

“Steps are VERY easy to learn. Highly encourage everyone to try it, it is fun.”
– Irina Palmer

Photo: Kerry Tasker (Anchorage Concert Association)