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We are a Cuban dance company and boutique Latin dance studio in Anchorage, Alaska! We offer group dance classes and private lessons for adults and youth and we host local events. You can hire us for workshops, performances, choreography projects, and more.

Thank you to all who have attended our events and group classes during our short Fall 2022 session and to all who have enjoyed our cozy studio space these past years in South Anchorage. We are now closed to the general public as we relocate both home and studio and as we welcome a new baby to the family. We will partially open at our new location in Government Hill for private lessons, workshops, and contracted events in December 2022, and we will fully open with our Spring 2023 session of group classes for kids and adults in January 2023. Please continue to dance and support dance in Anchorage during this time, and have a great holiday season!

Our mission and vision:
While we specifically teach, perform, and share Cuban popular and folkloric dances with Alaska, Cuban music, and Cuban culture, we also promote broad Latin music, dance, and cultural expressions. We believe strongly in the value of authenticity and respect for roots. We also believe strongly in making dance accessible for all ages and abilities, especially in public spaces, both as a means of invigorating our local community with joy and advocating for tolerance and social cohesion, which is part and parcel of the essence of the dances we practice.