Anaya Latin Dance is a Cuban dance company in Anchorage, Alaska! We offer group classes and private lessons for children and adults, performance courses, school and university workshops and presentations, guest workshops and performances, event entertainment, and choreography for special events.

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Starts Nov 18: Salsa Suelta – Beginner (November/December Session)
Starts Nov 17: Salsa Suelta – Intermediate (November/December Session)
Nov 27: Thanksgiving weekend Reggaeton Workshop
Nov 28: Thanksgiving weekend Chachachá Workshop

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We are COVID Conscious

Music used with written permission from artist.

November 15, 2020
Dear Students & Community:
We wanted to share a brief Covid-19 update about our policies and practices.
At this time, we are only offering classes, private lessons, and workshops at our studio. As for these, six feet of distance between non-household members is currently what is mandated, including while dancing. Now that the cold weather no longer permits us to open one of our walls to the outside, we can accept 6 students at a time in person in our classes and workshops, and all of our group classes are without partnering so that the appropriate distance can be maintained. If you’d like to dance with your partner, you can join us in a private lesson. Masks are required in all of our in person classes and lessons, now without exception.
In addition, we practice other recommendations including providing sanitized spaces for storing belongings, sanitizing touch surfaces before classes, providing hand sanitizer, and encouraging online registrations and transactions. All registrations must be done in advance and include an agreement about Covid-19 safety. No drop in classes are available.
So that all can participate at any time, we offer Zoom options for all of our classes, lessons, and workshops, so our students can join us without wearing a mask if desired, from quarantine, or during a shut-down. In the event of a municipal shut-down, all in person attendance will simply move to Zoom. We hope that our community and its leaders will act responsibly now to order to avoid such a scenario in the future, as we know how much better it is to learn to dance in person.
As individual instructors, we have limited our personal social bubbles in order to include our students in our limited contacts. This is one reason we are unable to host social dances. We initially stopped doing so in March, then we began and quickly stopped our annual outdoor event during the summer when cases began to rise again and the potential risks and accompanying responsibility outweighed the benefits. In recent weeks, cases have risen dramatically here in Anchorage, and indoor gatherings have become increasingly limited according to the local mandates (currently 10 people with food and drinks, or 15 people without). This also requires social distancing and is just not practical for a salsa dance event. That said, we hope that our community can bounce back quickly from the pandemic, as we know how essential it is to dance with many different people as well as with instructors when learning the lively social dances we teach. In the meantime, we act with caution and by prioritizing the public good.
We have seen other dance studios move fully online recently in advance of any forthcoming mandate to do so, and we applaud those efforts. Each studio and dance space must operate differently depending on their own circumstances, but what we have described is what is best able to meet the current municipality mandates given the styles of dance we teach, the space at our disposition, our own health and safety, and that of our students and the wider community. No matter what your feelings are about the pandemic, we can all agree that we are tired of it and want to get back to normal as soon as possible. But in the long run, patience and responsibility are what will get us all there faster.
If you have any questions about any of our Covid-19 practices, feel free to contact us at any time.
Thank you!
– Anaya Latin Dance