Youth Classes & Private Lessons

Spring 2023 Youth Programs:

Note: Due to feedback as well as the ASD’s recent decision to extend the school day by 30 minutes during 6 weeks of spring session, we have decided to adjust the timing for our youth after school programs accordingly! To make things simple, these adjustments are valid for the ENTIRE session.
Walking accompaniment is still available from Government Hill Elementary 15 minutes after school lets out (weather that is 3:45 or 4:15), and throughout the session, drop off may be as early as 4 pm (2:30 for teens) and pick up as late as 6 pm (4:30 for teens). You will find these changes noted on our website and calendar, but not on already published promo materials. Questions? Contact us!

Our “Salsa After School” dance program is a great way for youth to build discipline, coordination, and skill while learning dance, music, and culture! Both Spanish and English is spoken in every session. This program is not drop in – youth should attend from January to May (no classes during ASD Spring break or weather closures). Classes officially begin the week of January 17th, but interested students and parents may sign up in advance for our FREE try out sessions the week of January 10th. Classes end the week of May 18th, and all students and two parents are included in our Spring 2023 recital & party on Saturday, May 20th!

We are now conveniently located in Government Hill at 871 E Loop Road, close to Government Hill Elementary, Orion, Aurora, & many other schools. Free walking accompaniment is available for Government Hill Elementary students departing the school at 3:45 pm each day (4:15 during the 6 weeks ASD will extend the school day to make up for snow days).

We have sessions 3 days per week! The schedule is as follows, and youth may attend 1, 2, or 3 days per week. Youth will be divided into two groups based on age, level, an ability on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. On Thursdays, families may choose or be assigned one of two options.  Children must attend the same class(es) throughout the entire Spring 2023 (not mixing and matching each week). Students grades 3-12 may attend all three days, while K-2 students may attend on Thursdays.


Kids & Teens Salsa Suelta – 4:30-5:45 pm
Children will learn basic Cuban dance movements from salsa, rumba, mambo, and much more, all without partners (“suelta”), culminating in a short choreographic routine led by the instructors. This class will be divided into two groups based on age and ability. This class is intended for students grades 3-12.
Free Trial Class January 10 – Click here to register


Teen Salsa in Partners – 3:00-4:15 pm CANCELLED
Teens will learn Cuban salsa in partners as a fun group of interchanging partners (rueda de casino). This class is intended for teens in grades 7-12. Teens do NOT need to sign up with a partner!
Free Trial Class January 11 – Click here to register

Kids Salsa Partners – 4:30-5:45 pm
Children will learn Cuban salsa in partners as a fun group of interchanging partners (rueda de casino). This class is intended for kids grades 3-6. Children do NOT need to sign up with a partner!
Free Trial Class January 11 – Click here to register


Youth Latin Dance Team – 4:30-6:00 pm
Motivated youth will learn a Cuban salsa choreographic routine with assigned partners at their age and level. Youth should attend each week with rare exceptions and should attend each class from start to finish. Students must be serious about dance & performance, and able to model good behavior. It is strongly recommended that youth attend at least 1 other weekly class, and this is required for those that have no prior experience with us. Attendance at the end of program recital (May 20) is required, and it is possible that other performance opportunities may arise directly following the program. This class is intended for students in grades 4-12.
There is a separate costume fee of $60, with some shoes/basics the responsibility of the family.
Free Trial Class January 12 – Click here to register

Kids Cuban Dance, Music, & Movement – 4:30-5:45 pm
Children will learn Spanish children’s songs, music, dance, and movement vocabulary, Cuban and Latin culture, and beginning steps of other Cuban dances. This class is intended for students in grades K-6.
Free Trial Class January 12 – Click here to register


For our 4:30 pm classes, walking accompaniment is available pre-arranged in advance from Government Hill Elementary, in coordination with the school, leaving at 3:45 pm each day (4:15 during the 6 weeks ASD will extend the school day). Otherwise, drop off at our studio is as early as 4 pm with a snack table available for children. Children should bring a snack and must bring a water bottle and clean, non-marking shoes to dance in (dance shoes suggested). Parent pick up at our studio is as late as 6 pm.
For our Wednesday teen class, drop off may be as early as 2:30 pm and pick up as late as 4:30 pm.
Put simply, drop off is as early as 30 minutes before class begins and pick up time is as late as 15 minutes after each class.


All are welcome to join our free trial classes on January 10, 11, and 12! Please have your child/teen attend any and all sessions he/she is interested in. We will use the free trial classes to help make recommendations on the right classes for your child. Space will be limited, so sign up NOW for the free trial classes linked above under the class descriptions!

Then also reserve your child’s spot for our FULL PROGRAM by signing up below (click link to register):

1 session/week $70/monthly
2 sessions/week: $120/monthly
3 sessions/week: $150/monthly

Important – be sure to select the options designating you (the responsible party) as the “Parent/guardian” of the “participant” (youth)!

Payments for the full program are due monthly (5 months) and deducted automatically. All families are required to have a card on file, however advance cash or check payments are also accepted. A non-refundable sign up fee of $30 applies to all students, which will apply to materials costs at the end of the sessions. Once classes have begun, it is not possible to drop the program without penalty.


10% sibling and military discounts available, and a parent discount (10%) is available on all adult memberships.

Sibling discount code is “sibling” and may ONLY be applied to the second (or third, fourth, etc) sibling under the account of the same parent/guardian. The first child must be full price or have another discount code (ie “military”) applied.

The military discount code is “military” and may be used on any membership, child or adult.

The parent discount code is “parent” and may be used only by the parent/guardian paying for a child’s membership. This person should be “head of household” on the family’s account. This discount code may be applied to any adult membership.

Only ONE discount code may be applied per membership. If one person purchases multiple memberships (for example, a membership for private lessons and another for group classes), then a discount code may be used on each.

Spring 2023 Youth Private Lessons:

Private lessons are a great way to learn any dance we teach at your child’s own pace. Lessons may be for up to 2 youths of any age or skill level dancing together.

Check our appointment calendar for available times and to sign up for a slot! Our appointment calendar works best on a computer or laptop. Any lesson time can be purchased directly from our online calendar as a “drop in”. You can also purchase a multiple lesson membership either by first selecting your appointment time and then using the drop-down feature to select your membership, or by purchasing a membership first and then reserving your appointments on our calendar, applying the membership at check out. As a member, you can use our app (Zen Planner) for easy scheduling! If you have problems reserving or paying for the lesson, don’t hesitate to call us.

Additional times may also be available that do not appear on our appointment calendar, so contact us to schedule a time if none of the available times work for you. Lessons must be cancelled or rescheduled with at least 12 hours advance notice to retain their value, and lessons may be rescheduled a maximum of once.

We strongly encourage students to take a single class first before signing up for a lesson package, and consult with us about any questions you may have. Private lessons are recommended for students ages 8 & up, with some flexibility depending on individual aptitude.

Youth 17 & under or still in high school may sign up for private lessons with the following 20% off discount code: “youth”.

Interested in your child or teen learning a custom choreography in your private lessons, perhaps for a special event or quinceañera? We can do that! Contact us to discuss.

We are registered with numerous homeschool programs, so you can use educational allotments towards our programs. Homeschool educational allotments may also be used towards our youth private lessons, and we can offer daytime lessons.

Public schools and community youth workshops:
We can also be hired for public schools and community youth workshops! Our youth workshops touch on several Alaska Content Standards.
During the Spring of 2023 we will be teaching at O’Malley Elementary and Stream Academy!

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