Current Events:
Salsa in the Park 2021– Weekly free social dance event series held in beautiful downtown Anchorage in collaboration with the Anchorage Downtown Partnership. Held since summer 2018!

Past Ongoing Events:
“Latin Night at Charlou” (2018-2020) – monthly event with live percussion, performances, and social dancing in Anchorage. Closed due to Covid-19.
“Latin Night at Koot’s” (2019 – on hold) – weekly event for social dancing on Saturdays at Chilkoot Charlie’s in Anchorage. Temporarily paused due to Covid-19.

We have also previously held ongoing classes and events at Four Corners Bar & Lounge in Palmer, at Open Space in Anchorage, and at The Nave (formerly Church of Love) in Anchorage. We are grateful to the Last Frontier Bar for supporting dance in Anchorage as well (now closed due to Covid-19).

Our annual event, “Cubanía: A Celebration of Cuban Dance Heritage”, held during National Hispanic Heritage Month each year since 2018, has its own page.

Past Special Event Flyers:

Past Special Event photos:
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Our Past Special Event Guests:

Felix Bambury Webbe

October 2020 – “Cubania: A Celebration of Cuban Dance Heritage” (3rd Annual)
Felix Bambury Webbe (Cuba/Alaska)
Dance instructor

Hailing from Cuba and living in Fairbanks, Felix Bambury Webbe has brought with him a lifetime of embodied knowledge. He learned many Cuban and Haitian dances in their original cultural contexts as a youth. Later, he worked for the well-known folkloric dance companies BanRarrá, a Haitian roots group from Guantanamo, and Raíces Profundas in Havana, one of the world’s most authentic performing ensembles in the Afro-Cuban Yoruba traditions (originating in West Africa).

Jorge Luis & Indira

September 2019 – “Cubania: A Celebration of Cuban Dance Heritage” (2nd Annual)
Jorge Luis Fernandez & Indira Mora Cueto (Cuba/US)
Dance performers and instructors

Jorge Luis Fernandez and Indira Mora Cueto are both graduates of Cuba’s National Arts Schools, specializing in Cuban dances, and they have danced in professional companies both in Cuba and abroad. Now they reside in Las Vegas where they are creating together, fusing styles with their Cuban dance roots, while also traveling as invited artists to events all over the world. They are up & coming stars of the North American salsa scene.

Ivan Alfonso Cilano, el Samurai de Cuba

May 2019 – “Havana Nights” Dance Party
DJ el Samurai de Cuba (Cuba/Italy/US)
DJ and promoter of Cuban music

Ivan Alfonso Cilano is known in Italy and in the world of Latin music as “El Samurai of Cuba”, having won several national and European judo championships. Ivan is one of the most established DJs in Italy and Europe for his deep knowledge of traditional salsa and Cuban rhythms, in addition to his famous ability to thrill audiences and light up dance events with very good mixes.
Ivan was born in La Habana (Cuba) on January 10, 1968, arriving very young in Italy in 1983, where he built his professional career but never lost ties with his land.
He has worked at radio stations such as Radio Taino in Cuba, Radio Mambo, and Radio Dimensione Suono in Italy. He has achieved fame for many years traveling through Europe and participating, as a presenter or official DJ in many major salsa festivals: from the World Salsa Festival in Rome to the New York Festivals, Salsitali, Timba Tumba, Timba Congress, Cubamemucho, “Made in Cuba” congress, Salsafestival Switzerland, and many others
Among the many personalities that he has interviewed or presented at different events, there are Celia Cruz, Willy Colon, Rubén Blades, Oscar d’Leon, Juan Formell, Jose Alberto “El Canario”, Gloria Estefan, Tito Puente, La India, David Calzado, Santana, Manolito Simonet, Josè Feliciano, Manolín “El médico de la salsa”, and Jose Luis Cortez (the father of Timba). Several Cuban artists mention el Samurai within the texts of their songs.
A great anticipator of new hit artists and hit songs, Ivan el Samurai de Cuba is at the top among the top DJs of Cuban music in the world.
Check out this great mini-documentary made by Baila Conmigo TV about Ivan’s story!

Esteban Isnardi

September 2018 – “Cubania: A Celebration of Cuban Dance Heritage” (1st Annual)
Esteban Isnardi (Uruguay/Switzerland)
Caricaturist, writer and poet, performance artist, dance instructor and choreographer

In his own words: Esteban Isnardi has grown in the Afro music, in Uruguay, dancing Candombe in his district. This kind of cousin of the Afro Cuban rhythms brought him naturally to the Casino and Salsa world. He created his own school 18 years ago in Europe and opened a branch in Oceania in 2012. He’s one of the most invited teachers to the salsa congresses and festivals around the world (more than 250 cities of almost 70 countries in the 5 continents so far) and he’s considered one of the best instructors of Cuban Salsa today. Some people even say that no one has taught in more countries. He danced on TV for Ibrahim Ferrer, on stage with Los Van Van, Pupy, Havana D’ Primera, Revé y su Charangón and FredyClan, he won 2 podiums at the Rueda world championship, he was 4 times Swiss champion, many times choreographer and coach of international champions, he received an award as a guest of honor at the “Cubamemucho” festival and he is also an official international judge. He improved his knowledge with his friend Helio Orovio (RIP) the author of the “dictionary of the Cuban music”. He has also been elected as one of the leaders of the “Federación mundial de formación de Casino y bailes populares Cubanos”. Ambassador of the World Artistic Dance Federation, he is the prime mover of the official Rueda world championship. Esteban is also well known as a lyricist (he wrote for example the lyrics of Pedrito Calvo Junior’s last single: Casinero Sí o Sí), an author (4 books published) and an illustrator (uncountable publications in newspapers and magazines, caricaturist of Los Van Van). He currently speaks 4 languages (Spanish, French, English and Italian). His impressive CV as a dancer and dance teacher can be found here.