Our Community

Collaboration is everything!

We would like to thank the following local partners for their ongoing support and collaboration:
Alaska State Council on the Arts
The Municipality of Anchorage
The Anchorage Downtown Partnership
The Anchorage School District
The Anchorage Concert Association
Momentum Dance Collective
Underground Dance Studio
Arctic Academie de Danse
Baila Conmigo TV
Sankofa Dance Theatre
Alaska Ballroom Instructors
Red Carpet Entertainment
DJ Vorteks
Out North
Anchorage Folk Festival
Sasieta Productions

In addition to these regular partners we have worked with numerous other local groups, venues, and community entities. We also created and administer the Facebook groups “Alaska Salsa & Latin Dance Community” and “Alaska Casineros” in order to support our local dance scene.

We are proud to have been a part of the following community projects:
“Your Vote is Your Voice”: public education campaign with the Alaska Center Education Fund and Momentum Dance Collective
“Covid-19 Radio”: public education campaign with the Anchorage Health Department, the Anchorage Concert Association, and local artists
“The Global Village Experience”: project with the Anchorage Concert Association, Catholic Social Services, and Lula Washington Dance Theatre
As well as many other projects!

Thank you to local and national press for sharing our work:
Telemundo Alaska
Anchorage Press
Anchorage Daily News
Radio Television Martí

Thanks to our national and international friends for your support and collaboration:
Seattle Cuban Dance Fest
San Francisco Salsa Rueda Festival
SalsaNor Rueda Congress
Sabor DKY