About us

Anaya Latin Dance was founded in 2018 in Alaska.
ALD-Ciro-HeadshotCiro Anaya is from Santiago de Cuba, Cuba, the birthplace of Cuban son. He earned a teaching license through Cuba’s national art instructor’s college, where he also danced in the university dance group. Before moving to Alaska, he danced full-time in the internationally-recognized professional dance company directed by Yanek Revilla, Sabor DKY, performing choreographies of various Cuban popular dances and teaching groups of students from all around the world. Ciro brings infectious positive energy, embodied knowledge, and authentic Cuban style to this partnership.

ALDHEadshotLiz3.jpgLiz Anaya is from Alaska. She is a published scholar of dance, holding a master’s degree (2017) in Dance Knowledge, Practice, and Heritage. She wrote her master’s dissertation, La Onda Gozadera, on casino and other Cuban dances in a globalized world. She has danced and participated in numerous performances in both Europe and the US. In 2016, she served as a judge at Salsanor’s annual “Rueda Congress”, hosted that year in Norway. Liz brings historical, comparative, and technical knowledge to this teaching duo.

Anaya Latin Dance is a licensed and insured business.