As of June 5, 2023

In addition to our liability waiver and media release, which are also completed during the sign up process, students must agree to the following policies:

Conditions of Anaya Latin Dance Dance Lesson, Class, Course, and/or Event Participation:

A.) I understand that my/my child’s dance level will be assessed by Anaya Latin Dance and that I will only be able to attend classes and workshops at the level recommended for me. As I understand that Anaya Latin Dance offers no refunds and so I will only purchase and attend workshops or classes at a level deemed appropriate for me by Anaya Latin Dance. If I have any questions about my or my child’s dance level, I will consult with Anaya Latin Dance. 

B.) I understand that memberships are subject to terms and conditions. I understand that refunds will not be offered on lessons, packages, or courses purchased, even if I do not book or attend. I understand that it is my responsibility to schedule and reserve my lessons with Anaya Latin Dance in a timely manner. 

C.) I understand that Anaya Latin Dance opens 15 minutes before any group class, course, or event and 5 minutes before a private lesson. I will do my best to arrive or drop my child 5-15 minutes prior to any class or event in order to help ensure an on time start. If I choose to participate in any class, course, or event while arriving late or leaving early, I understand that I am still responsible to pay the full value of the class, course, or event. I understand that it is my responsibility to communicate any relevant issues in advance with Anaya Latin Dance and that accommodations are not guaranteed.

D.) I agree to dress myself/my child appropriately, use good hygiene, and wear only clean, non-marking shoes to Anaya Latin Dance lessons, classes, courses, and events. I understand that my failure to do so may affect my class, course, or event participation and that this judgment is at the sole discretion of Anaya Latin Dance.

E.) I understand that I am responsible for my own learning and that Anaya Latin Dance will offer guidance on best practices for dance students to ensure my progress and/or to ensure the conviviality of all participants. Should I have concerns about my progress or any other aspect of my experience, I will consult directly with Anaya Latin Dance.

F.) I understand that my dance teachers may sometimes need to correct me verbally and/or using physical touch, and that partnered dancing requires individuals to interact with each other both verbally and by using physical touch.

G.) I agree to behave and speak in a respectful manner towards all students, staff, and guests of Anaya Latin Dance at all lessons, classes, courses, and events which I attend. If at any time or for any reason my actions, behaviors, or words are deemed disrespectful, inappropriate, or unsafe by any Anaya Latin Dance staff member, I understand that my class and/or event participation may be affected, and I may lose the value of my class card purchase, course purchase, or event registration, and/or be blocked from attending any future events. I understand that Anaya Latin Dance is committed to providing a fun, harmonious, and safe environment for all to dance in and I agree to immediately report to Anaya Latin Dance any inappropriate or unsafe behaviors I observe using the most direct means possible and at the time that they occur.

Important Membership/Punch Card Terms and Conditions:

Unlimited and Dance Team memberships include unlimited access to our adult classes/events unless otherwise noted. Punch cards include access to all classes at our studio unless otherwise noted. Youth program memberships are for specific classes. Private class punch cards include access only to private class appointments. Please refer to our website for schedule/availability of classes, which changes approximately 3-4 times per year.

BEGIN DATE: Unlimited memberships begins on the date they are created/purchased. You may request a change of start date to the date of your first class if desired – just ask at the studio or email to do so. Youth program memberships automatically begin on the date of the first class.

AUTOMATIC BILLING (Unlimited, dance team, youth memberships): Unlimited memberships and youth program tuition is automatically billed on a monthly basis. Cash is accepted but a valid payment card must be on file with expiration date beyond the end of the contract. Punch cards require a single payment and do not require a card on file.

CANCELLATION (Unlimited, dance team, youth memberships): Unlimited memberships may be canceled but notice must come at the studio or via email to anayalatindance@gmail.com at least 3 days prior to subsequent monthly payment due date. The current month’s dues must be paid (if not paid already) and the following month’s dues (or two months dues in the case of the adult dance team) is then collected as a cancellation penalty upon cancellation of the membership contract. The amount will be billed to the account on file immediately in order to successfully terminate the contract. The membership is then canceled immediately and the student then must pay as drop in, purchase a punch card, or enter into a new membership agreement in order to have access to classes.

AUTO RENEW (Unlimited memberships): Unlimited memberships are set to auto-renew at the end of a contract. To avoid auto-renewal at the end of an unlimited membership contract, please let us know at the studio or email anayalatindance@gmail.com to request cancellation at least 3 days prior to the membership end date. The auto-renewal is then cancelled without any fee. If you forget to request cancellation, the subsequent monthly fees may not be reimbursed once billed, although the contract may be canceled prior to the next class attendance.

HOLDS/EXTENSIONS (Unlimited memberships and punch cards): Cancellation penalty fees are waived or the membership/punch card may be placed on a hold/extended if the student has a documented illness or medical condition preventing return to dance for three weeks or more or if the student has military orders and must remove the student for three weeks or more.

TRANSFERS/SHARING: Unlimited memberships and youth program memberships are non-transferable and may not be shared. Punch cards may be shared upon request of the owner (ask at studio or email to anayalatindance@gmail.com) but only by members on the same family account with a connected billing account.

APPOINTMENT CANCELLATIONS (Private lesson punch cards): Private lessons must be canceled or rescheduled with at least 12 hours advance notice to retain their value, and lessons may be rescheduled a maximum of once.

All sales final – no refunds.