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Note: The January – May 2019 edition of this class is currently closed due to capacity! Please do not pay for this course unless you are a current student. Interested in the Fall 2019 edition? Please send us a message to let us know!
Salsa & Spanish for Kids

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Anaya Latin Dance is offering a special program just for kids starting January 2019! Children will learn Cuban rumba, salsa (including rueda), and other popular Cuban dances while also building Spanish vocabulary.  Suitable for elementary school aged kids and particularly great for Latino kids and children in Spanish immersion programs, although no Spanish experience is necessary. All music and movement will be positive, upbeat, and child-appropriate. Your kids will love this unique opportunity unlike any other in Alaska!
The program runs 16 weeks, skipping March 9, and ends on Saturday, May 4th, culminating in a performance opportunity shortly after. This class is held at Open Space, 630 E 57th Place, in Anchorage, Alaska. This warm and inviting studio has a cozy lobby area where parents can wait comfortably and observe. Directly following this class, Anaya Latin Dance will be offering a class suitable for parents.

Payment options:
Monthly: $55/month
Advance: $200 (save $20), with 20% sibling discount
You can pre-register online to pay and reserve your place here:



Salsa & Spanish for Kids

One child, advance payment for full 16-week course




Salsa & Spanish for Kids

Advance payment for 2nd child with sibling discount, full 16-weeks of course




Salsa & Spanish for Kids

Monthly payment, one child, 4 weeks of course (may purchase multiple for siblings)