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Our current offerings

We have many fantastic group classes for adults at our studio (below) and in the community (check our Events & Collaborations). Are you interested in joining our performance team? We meet on Tuesday evenings and will be auditioning new dancers in July 2022, so start training now!

Important Covid-19 Considerations:
During the Summer of 2022, all classes will be semi open air (weather permitting). Masks are welcome but optional, and hand sanitizing and/or washing is required. We ask that all dancers follow current CDC guidelines with respect to quarantine and notification.

Summer 2022 Adult Group Classes & Workshops:

Adult group classes

Wednesdays, June 8 to August 10
Beginners, 6-7 pm
Advanced Beginners, 7-8 pm
Intermediates, 8-9 pm

Join us on the hour on any date and stay for up to 2 hours (level dependent).
We will be working on footwork, body movement, style, partner work, and rueda de casino. Please see our notes below about levels.
$16 drop in or purchase a summer class pass to save

Registration & Reservation for Adult Group Classes
Any class can be purchased directly from our online calendar as a “drop in”. You can also purchase a multiple session membership by selecting the class you’d like access to and using the drop-down feature to select your membership, or by purchasing a membership first and then reserving your classes on our calendar, applying your membership at check out. As a member, you can reserve and cancel group classes with 12 hours notice and retain the value of your purchase. You can also use our app (Zen Planner) for easy scheduling!

Summer Membership (Class pass) Pricing (Click to purchase):
1 class – $16
All Summer (10 classes) – $125 (Save 20%)
Half Summer (5 classes) – $70 (Save 10%)

As space is always limited, it is recommended that you reserve classes in advance! Click any group class session you’d like to join below to sign up and reserve your space (works best on a computer)! You can also access our registration site here.
Problems with registration? Call us at 907-982-0584.

A note about levels:
Although we do adjust our classes to teach to everyone, is your responsibility to attend classes at the right level for you. Here are some handy descriptions to help you choose the right class.
Beginner: You are a brand new dancer, brand new to salsa, or brand new to Cuban salsa partner work. We suggest all new students start here! Some will advance the same evening, while others might take this class on an ongoing basis.
Advanced beginner: When dancing without partners, you are familiar with salsa of any style and can coordinate basic steps like forward and back, side to side, and enchufla step. You are working on cruzado variations and right and left turns. For partner work classes, you are familiar with the Cuban dile que no, guapea, and enchufla, and are now working on learning our basic casino repertoire of partnered movements.
Intermediate: You are ready for more challenging footwork and body movement combinations and would like to explore other Cuban dances within the salsa framework with faster music. For partner work classes, you feel comfortable with partner changes in the rueda de casino and you know most of your casino basic moves well (sombrero, setenta, vacilala, sacala, and many others) and are ready to combine these movements in dynamic ways.

Summer 2022 Private Lessons:

Private lessons are a great way to learn any dance we teach at your own pace. Lessons may be for up to 2 people of any age or skill level dancing together.
Take advantage of our summer savings – 20% off ALL PRIVATE LESSONS, with discounted packages available for up to 35% off!

Check our appointment calendar for available times and to sign up for a slot! Our appointment calendar works best on a computer or laptop. Any lesson time can be purchased directly from our online calendar as a “drop in”. You can also purchase a multiple lesson membership either by first selecting your appointment time and then using the drop-down feature to select your membership, or by purchasing a membership first and then reserving your appointments on our calendar, applying the membership at check out. As a member, you can use our app (Zen Planner) for easy scheduling! If you have problems reserving or paying for your lesson, don’t hesitate to call us.

Additional times may also appear as available on our appointment calendar, so contact us to schedule a time that does not appear as available. Lessons must be cancelled or rescheduled with 24 hours advance notice to retain their value, and lessons may be rescheduled a maximum of once.

Summer Pricing (Click to purchase):
Single lesson: $60
5-lesson package: $280 (Save 20%)
10-lesson package: $500 (Save 35%)
Additional discounts available for youth private lessons!
Interested in learning a choreography? We can do that! Contact us to discuss.

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